I despair for America…

By kate on February 5th, 2007

Instead of wasting hours sifting through crap and football to see the Super Bowl ads yesterday, I spent an efficient 45 minutes or so today watching and ranking them here.
MSNBC has a cool, smart interface that puts the best 32 ads into brackets and lets you watch them and advance them, all on one screen, until you’ve picked your favorite.
Then, they show you the results. I almost fell off my chair when I saw that one of the stupidest ones, “Mouse” (from Blockbuster) is WAY out in the lead. WTF? Who is watching these? Who are the people who think that’s the best of all these interesting ads? This is the same feeling I got after Bush was re-elected: bafflement and despair for my country.
My favorite, for the record, turned out to be “Ultraman” by Garmin (although if it weren’t for the bracket system, I don’t think I would have necessarily chosen that one). Other favorites included “Finger” by ETrade, “Goulet” by Emerald Nuts, and “Lions” by Taco Bell.
In an example of where America and I are on the same page, Sheryl Crow’s Revlon ad was only voted #1 by 27 (or 0%) out of 63,489 votes. Ha.

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