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The pernicious pinkification of little girls

By kate on May 29th, 2009

This vehement guest column from the Times Online UK had me raising my arms and shouting “amen!” “All the Disney princesses are there in a terrifying tableau of simpering, gurning girlishness. Why are all these princesses, the apotheoses of modern girlhood, clasping their hands together in front of them, in an expression of coy submissiveness?” […]

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Is your child wearing the uniform?

By kate on November 7th, 2007

Today I was at a local community center with Ruby and noticed something. There were 12-15 children playing in the room, and every single girl except Ruby was wearing pink (at least some pink – most had a whole top or bottom that was pink). Every boy was wearing a blue top or bottom (even […]

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i HAZ A bLOGG!!!!111!!

By kate on June 8th, 2007

Recently I’ve enjoyed watching the waves and ripples of lolcats wash over the internet, followed by our culture as a whole (at least my digital subculture). I love the way memes like this get transmitted and mutated at such great speeds. Ken pointed me to a well thought-out blog post explaining some of the recent […]

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I despair for America…

By kate on February 5th, 2007

Instead of wasting hours sifting through crap and football to see the Super Bowl ads yesterday, I spent an efficient 45 minutes or so today watching and ranking them here.   MSNBC has a cool, smart interface that puts the best 32 ads into brackets and lets you watch them and advance them, all on […]

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It’s official: Blogging is OVER

By kate on July 6th, 2005

I came to this conclusion on Sunday, when I saw not one, but two references to blogs in distinctively NON-cutting-edge places: The Lockhorns contains a reference/word play about Leroy reading blogs. Parade Magazine, that Readers Digest of the Sunday paper, has a column on how to make your own blog: “Have you thought about creating […]

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This ‘n that

By kate on March 8th, 2005

Damn LiveJournal for eating the longer version of this post! Now, I only feel like posting the basics: 1. After staying home sick all week and watching lots of TV, I found that Degrassi: The Next Generation is as enjoyable as its predecessor (Degrassi Junior High). 2. The Aerialistas will be performing 4 or 5 […]

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