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It’s a bit harder to find some of my older, pre-Wordpress content. Here are some handy links:

I host my own domain/website/email on Linode. Operating system: Debian Linux (although I started on Slackware); Web server: Apache; Mail software: Postfix, Squirrelmail, Spam Assassin, Heluna.

The current design is my web site’s fourth since 1995, when I first created it. After 12 years of using hand-coded HTML for this site (written in Notepad and Pico), I moved it all into WordPressin 2007.

Want a blast from the past? My site in 1998.

I’m especially proud of my typo-free guarantee. In all my years on the web, I’ve never seen anything like that on another site (except people who got it from me). I have bought the occasional beer for people who pointed out typos, and will continue to do so gladly.

My first web page, on DNA Fingerprinting (existing online copy), made in1994, waspublished twice on educational CD-ROMs and is still occasionally cited in student papers.

All text and images on this site are copyright 1995-2017 by me, all rights reserved (unless otherwise noted).

Last update on April 23rd, 2007