Is your company hiring?

By kate on January 5th, 2007

As you have probably heard, my company laid off 60 people this week. I escaped the ax, but many of my very talented colleagues did not.
As even our CEO says, the layoffs were not because of poor performance, but a restructuring of the company’s strategy. There are now 60 great people out there, looking for jobs, who I hope will be snapped up quickly. I’m particularly interested in helping out the three guys cut from my team (IT).
If your company is looking for smart and competent IT / Operations analyst / systems engineer types, please let me know by commenting here or emailing me. Beyond that, if you’re trying to fill a position, check with me and I’ll tell you if any ex-Jobsters might fit.

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  1. petit_chou Says:

    This is the only one I know about. Not sure if it’s NYC specific or a remote freelancer would work, or even if you have anyone at your company you can place there. That’s the only opening I know of these days. Glad you didn’t get axed, though!

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