By kate on October 10th, 2006

My office just moved to the north end of the waterfront (near the soon-to-open Olympic Sculpture park), and my bus commute involves a bit more walking than before. And, I had some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket… so I got one of these:

My very own Razor Scooter, in green, natch.
I tried it out on a lunch run just now and had a lot of fun. Going uphill is stupid (walking is much less tiring), but downhill slopes and flat stretches are a dream. I just cruise along. A good push or two will give me momentum for a while, even on bumpy sidewalk.
My current plan is to carry it on the bus (it folds up) and scoot to my destination on either side. I’m hoping it’s not too bulky for everyday carting around.

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  1. motomotoyama Says:

    Cool. I think it needs streamers on the handlebars. Sparkly ones.

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