Pregnancy Update

By kate on December 15th, 2005

I haven’t written much lately, because during this stretch it didn’t feel like much had changed. Now, though, as I enter the third trimester, I finally have a few things to report.
Zippy seems to have had another growth spurt lately. Not only is she bigger, but she’s moving more frequently and vigorously. Her kicks are stronger and more apparent (some are visible from outside), but luckily not painful (yet). Also, so far she’s managed to miss vital organs such as the bladder, for which I’m thankful. My belly appears to be lower now, too, which I think is a normal thing to happen at this stage.
I realized recently that, to my surprise, I’d adjusted to being pregnant. I’ve been pregnant for long enough now that it’s started to feel normal. I’m used to the limited wardrobe and the need to rest my back a lot. Even though I don’t like it a whole lot, I’m familiar with the larger version of me in the mirror. This is the main reason why I haven’t written much here… because for a while I lost touch with the specialness of it all.
For some reason, in the past week or two, I’ve been paying more attention again. With her new vigor, I can more easily imagine Zippy as a small human instead of an especially mobile organ. I had a dream the other night that she pressed her hand against my belly and from the outside I could see each finger. And, oh yeah, this whole parenthood thing is becoming more imminent (I hadn’t dwelled on that as much either). Steve and I went out to a nice dinner the other night and spent a lot of it talking about specifics and practicalities of our life after Zippy’s birth. It was fun. I’m really looking forward to bringing this new dimension to our relationship, and especially watching Steve become a dad. (Looking forward to meeting Zippy goes without saying.)
Today, we have another midwife appointment, so I’ll report any interesting news soon.

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