Aerialistas perform this weekend!

By kate on December 7th, 2005

If you made it to last year’s Moisture Festival, you know how awesome it was. For two nights this weekend (Friday and Saturday), the Moisture Festival is putting on a benefit show to raise money for this year’s festival (in March). Many local performers from last year’s festival will be there, including Circus Contraption and the Aerialistas.

I won’t be in it, but I’ll be there!

Info here

Tickets here

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3 Responses to “Aerialistas perform this weekend!”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Not a one of the men on this Moisture Fest program would reduce themselves to a can can line nor would they twirl in underwear from a hula hoop as a serious act. If men did what the Aerialistas are doing, people would laugh and think it was a comedy sketch. WHAT DOES THAT SAY TO YOU?!

    I wish the men in the NW vaudeville scene would grow the hell up so the women could get support by doing things like swallowing swords, fire eating, things like Mildred Hodittle does, etc. rather than these stupid can can lines that take ZERO talent and simply are there to reduce women in a power paradigm, as sex for men as entertainment, and the whole twirling on hula hoops in lingerie and heels also is a questionable act, especially since no male performer I know would be caught dead in an act like that, expecting to be taken seriously.

    “The Moisture Festival, reviving the Vaudvillian Tradition of women dangling from suspended rings!” – Utilikilts website 2006

    “When are we going to START the Vaudeville tradition of MEN dangling from ropes?” – Kirsten Anderberg aka Mother Zosima, 30 year vaudeville feminist act

    I guess at this late state in the game, no one gives one damn about sexism or equity of opportunity for women artists who do not want to prance around in their underwear for men, but I need to point out that once again, the Moisture Festival 2006 is full of sexist bullshit. This is what Utilikilts has on their website about it: “The Moisture Festival, reviving the Vaudvillian Tradition of women dangling from suspended rings!” Oh yeah, that is what I worked 3 decades doing feminist comedy in this clan and at OCF for! When are we going to START the vaudevillian tradition of MEN dangling in THEIR underwear from suspended rings?

    There are women vaudevillians out here with legitimate talent who REFUSE to dress up in lingerie to titillate you men as an act, who want to make it on TALENT NOT TITS, and we want to know where those of us with actual talents, who do not play to your sexual objectification of women, belong in your world of New Vaudeville. I certainly have no place in that strip joint called “New Vaudeville” unless I want to be your little strip tease grrl and it makes me sick. Forget it. The men are hermetically sealed in their long pants, long sleeved shirts, while women are supposedly given “opportunity” as twirling sex objects in lingerie and heels as “liberation?” What a fucking joke!

    Kirsten Anderberg aka Mother Zosima

  2. busstop101 Says:

    I caught the act at the Moisture Festival and was intrigued to how one becomes and aerialista. Any tips for anyone interested in training for or becoming an aerialista?

    Thanks for any help 🙂

  3. girlkate Says:

    Actually, the leader of our group, Lara Paxton, teaches a beginner aerial class that you can check out. The website for it ( appears to be down at the moment, but you can call Lara for details on the current days & times for her class at 206-235-2720.

    Also, upper body strength is key, so things like weightlifting and/or pull-ups can help you get into good aerial shape.

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