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Where should we eat tonight?

By kate on May 12th, 2009

As a Blackberry user, I’ve long been jealous of Urbanspoon‘s excellent iPhone application, which includes a slot-machine randomizer to help you decide upon a restaurant. While it’s still not available on the Blackberry (despite my pleas), anyone with a Flash-enabled browser can now use the slot machine! The Urbanspoon restaurant picker requires the Adobe Flash […]

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Open Letter to my Twitter Friends

By kate on October 4th, 2008

Dear Twitter Friend, I follow you because I know you and want to keep up with what’s going on in your life. I’m glad you’re on Twitter (especially if you joined in response to my arm-twisting). I have a problem, though. My friends’ tweets are getting to be too much for me to keep up […]

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Twitter Quick Start

By kate on May 20th, 2008

Now that a large number of my friends are using Twitter, I use any opportunity I can to lean on the non-Twitterers to join us. I often emphasize the personal news that they’re missing. Today, one of my victims friends asked me how to get started, so I sent him a few quick instructions. I’m […]

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Dream job: Alpha Tester

By kate on February 8th, 2008

My network of ex-Jobster colleagues contains an unusually large number of small startups. I can count about 14 startups that have been founded or co-founded by ex-Jobsters, and many others who employ ex-Jobsters. Because of my connections at these new ventures, I’ve had the opportunity lately to do some alpha and beta testing, and have […]

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A brief note on Facebook

By kate on December 15th, 2007

It seems that everyone is suddenly saying that Facebook is done. Whether they’re mad about Beacon, or just annoyed by all the zombie requests, the honeymoon is definitely over. Like everyone, I find I’m checking my news feed less frequently (not every day, but still several times a week). There’s one point that I haven’t […]

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How and why I Twitter: Part 3

By kate on December 4th, 2007

Now, to the mechanics of it all. I mentioned using Facebook as well as Twitter. I also access them from my Blackberry (cell phone) as well as my computer. I’m the sort of lazy person who will go to a lot of effort up front to make things easier for myself down the line. I […]

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