Twitter Quick Start

By kate on May 20th, 2008

Now that a large number of my friends are using Twitter, I use any opportunity I can to lean on the non-Twitterers to join us. I often emphasize the personal news that they’re missing. Today, one of my victims friends asked me how to get started, so I sent him a few quick instructions.

I’m sure there are many other such pages out on the internets, but I thought I might as well post here what I sent to my friend, in case you needed this extra push.

Twitter Quick Start

1. Set up an account if you haven’t.

2. Follow people. If you know a person who uses Twitter (such as me), go to their Twitter page and look at who they follow to find other people you know. Follow those you know (or find interesting), and then look at their friends.

3. Get a good twitter client for your PC and your mobile phone so you can keep up. I personally use Twhirl on the computer and TinyTwitter on my Blackberry, but there are other good ones too. You can use IM and/or text messages if you like, install a browser sidebar, or peruse this long list of other options.

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