The pernicious pinkification of little girls

By kate on May 29th, 2009

This vehement guest column from the Times Online UK had me raising my arms and shouting “amen!”

“All the Disney princesses are there in a terrifying tableau of simpering, gurning girlishness. Why are all these princesses, the apotheoses of modern girlhood, clasping their hands together in front of them, in an expression of coy submissiveness?” (whole article)

I’m relieved that Ruby has thus far been able to hold onto her own opinions, more or less, after joining preschool. She actually seems more tuned into “boy characters” like Batman and Spiderman, who she has brought up by name, than any of the princesses (or Dora, or whoever). Her stated favorite color is a sophisticated-for-preschool purple, rather than pink.

While she does enjoy dressing up, dancing around and being “fancy”, she does it with her own crazy tastes and ideals, rather than conforming to the princess standard. This is a kind of girlishness that’s just fine with me.

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