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Grade school flashback

By kate on January 7th, 2009

Outgoing Vice-President Dick Cheney congratulates Vice-President-Elect Joe Biden (I couldn’t resist)

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The marriage lasted longer than the ring

By kate on November 21st, 2007

Steve and I have been married about five and a half years. In that time, our relationship has gotten better and stronger. Unfortunately, I can no longer say the same about my wedding ring! What you see above is the condition of my wedding ring as of this morning, when I noticed an entire chunk […]

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Encyclopedia Project

By kate on January 19th, 2002

I am generally fascinated by how morals are omnipresent in everyday media. (I own a CD-ROM of old educational, industrial, and promotional films from the 1930s-60s called Ephemeral Films. They’re incredibly humorous and interesting at the same time. Hundreds of them are online at the Internet Moving Image Archive.) You can see pictures of the […]

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By kate on May 1st, 1998

This comic is part of a 1970s Christian comic book called “In His Steps.” Loreen is eventually “saved,” but later is killed while saving the life of the other woman, Gini. We can’t have such a fallen woman around in the end, now can we? If you want to use this graphic, go ahead. It’s […]

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