The marriage lasted longer than the ring

By kate on November 21st, 2007

Steve and I have been married about five and a half years. In that time, our relationship has gotten better and stronger. Unfortunately, I can no longer say the same about my wedding ring!

broken-ring1.jpg broken-ring2.jpg

What you see above is the condition of my wedding ring as of this morning, when I noticed an entire chunk was missing. This was on top of the three (of eight) diamonds that had fallen out in the past month. The ring is made of platinum, supposedly one of the strongest precious metals, so I’m not sure what to think.

My wedding ring, of course, has great sentimental value for me. We designed them together and have matching ones. I have never taken it off except when absolutely necessary (during pregnancy). For it to suddenly disintegrate feels very strange and impossible.

I’m angry enough to say that we got our rings custom-made from Britton Jewelry in Vancouver. They have not yet had a chance to respond, although I certainly will be paying them a visit the next time we go north.

In the meantime, I’m wearing my engagement ring instead, a beautiful ring designed by Steve. Regrettably, it was made by the same jeweler. I’m hoping that it doesn’t have the same structural flaws.

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  1. mark brinton Says:

    Hi Kate, I have heard good things about this place, if you are looking for a new jeweler:

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