Grade school flashback

By kate on January 7th, 2009


Outgoing Vice-President Dick Cheney
congratulates Vice-President-Elect Joe Biden

(I couldn’t resist)

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One Response to “Grade school flashback”

  1. Bret Charles Says:

    Acctually thats what brought me here 2 ur web BLogginAire on “Randomizer’s”, When WHAM…The un-controllable laughFFter consumed me By ur irresistable “Hanging Art” It about filled my thoughts of empty cyber space DULLdrumzz{@Times}, with Exploding Joy and Smiles 4 Miles… As i gazed upon “the hung jury OF 12.” I know; i now SEE just exactly why u found it SOOOooooo very hard NOT to go back and take a much closer lOOk. What a BEAUTIFUL piece of work, and yes VERY irresistible!! THANK YOU Kate, ur an awesome enlightenment/Christian in this soMEtimes crazy world. &Yes IN Christ WE DO have some of the most awesome antics of humor to keep US_All buisy, especially from a God who MOST deffinatly Has a vast array of humor KEEPing us (Me) thinking EVERmore about the FUN things in the vry short lives we are given!!! God Bless& Again THANK YOU, Bret

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