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Learning How to Be Better at Sucking

By kate on February 26th, 2015

It’s fun to post about things I’m good at or know a lot about (like trapeze, where I’m working on the double – very exciting). I have a much, much harder time when people see me being bad at something. I get embarrassed, upset, and self conscious and just want to hide. I’d like to […]

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My Recumbent Bike Gear

By kate on June 10th, 2014

I’ve been a recumbent biker for a year and a half, and I’m hooked. The comfort of sitting on a “bent” bikeis immediately obvious, but it took hundreds of miles of riding before the very different center of balance felt like second nature. Last year, I completed the 200-mileSTP on my bike, nicknamed The Armchair, […]

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Tips for Trapeze Students

By kate on January 29th, 2014

Since the summer of 2012, I’ve been taking regular flying trapeze classes at Emerald City Trapeze. I love it, and am currently close to mastering the cutaway half. In my year and a half as a trapeze student, I’ve picked up little tips and tricks along the way that I wish someone had told me […]

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Making a habit of being active

By kate on April 15th, 2008

I recently had two related epiphanies that, in retrospect, seem kind of obvious. However, they hadn’t occurred to me clearly before, so I figured it was worth writing about them. Both have to do with raising active (and therefore healthy) kids. 1. Strollers discourage walking: I think most people would agree that it’s healthy to […]

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Plug for Community Fitness

By kate on January 14th, 2008

There’s a cool new place in my neighborhood, Community Fitness. Here’s the review I just wrote for Yelp! : Community Fitness is a new exercise studio in the Ravenna neighborhood (open since November 2007). What makes it unique is that every class is $6, and it’s all drop-in. No commitment whatsoever. As soon as I […]

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Aerialista Car Wash 2007

By kate on June 4th, 2007

The car wash event of the year! Free cupcake with every wash! (while supplies last) Two Sundays!!! Dates: June 10th & June 17th Place: The 76 station on Montlake at the entrance to Highway 520 (2625 E. Montlake Pl.) Time: 10:30am-4:00pm Get wet with the Aerialistas! Volunteer to wash: contact Carri at 206-854-3476 refreshments provided

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