Aerialista Car Wash 2007

By kate on June 4th, 2007

The car wash event of the year!
Free cupcake with every wash!
(while supplies last)

Two Sundays!!!

Dates: June 10th & June 17th

Place: The 76 station on Montlake at the entrance to Highway 520
(2625 E. Montlake Pl.)

Time: 10:30am-4:00pm

Get wet with the Aerialistas!

Volunteer to wash: contact Carri at 206-854-3476
refreshments provided

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2 Responses to “Aerialista Car Wash 2007”

  1. grossed out Says:

    How is it that this is not blatant sexism again? It is alike a wet tee shirt contest. Women in underwear doing splits on a hoop so the guys get a good peak for late night fantasies? Yuck. It seems you gals would be able to sell something other than soft porn, as you supposedly have talents and skills. What would happen if you did the act without the porn/whore bit? Would no one watch?

  2. kate Says:

    Your comments are getting very tired. Don’t you have anything better to do than dig up old posts from months ago to repeat your tirade (the same one you’ve sent via email and every other blog post you can find)?

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