My Recumbent Bike Gear

By kate on June 10th, 2014

recumbent-cropI’ve been a recumbent biker for a year and a half, and I’m hooked. The comfort of sitting on a “bent” bikeis immediately obvious, but it took hundreds of miles of riding before the very different center of balance felt like second nature. Last year, I completed the 200-mileSTP on my bike, nicknamed The Armchair, and proved to myself that I can ride up any hill that comes, albeit slowly. At this point I wouldn’t consider going back to upright.

One challenge as a recumbent rider, especially forwomen, is clothing. The padding on regular bike shorts is uncomfortable and unnecessary. Regular bike jerseys come with big pockets in the back. On a recumbent you don’t even want thick seams on your back, let alone stuff in pockets, since your back presses against the seat back as you pedal. After some trial and error, Ifound great gear. Here are my recommendations.



V5-1236555-001_BCROPUnder Armour Authentic 7″ Compression Shorts

No uncomfortable seams in the back, and it’s a good length that doesn’t ride up too far. They also have a comfortable, flattering waist that stays in place and doesn’t roll down or dig in.


V5-1228321-787_HTFtankUnder Armour Tech Short Sleeve V-Neck and Under Armour Victory Tank Top

Both of these are comfortable, breathable, and wick moisture well. I chose a very brightcolor (neon green) to help my visibility. The tank top makes better tan lines, and the t-shirt is good for when you’ve had too much sun.


Champion Zip Tech Sports BraCHP_CH1699_alt03

Most sports bras clasp in the back, just where you don’t want irritation. This one zips in the front and doesn’t have any thick parts to bother you in the back. Note: you will be able to see a little bump in your shirtfront where the zipper is (doesn’t bother me).


Helmet Mohawk from PC RacingIMG_20130616_092753

I wanted to add some funky style to my look, so I added this velcro-attached mohawk to my helmet, in the same neon green. It also helps with visibility and gets lots of compliments.




Roswheel Front Tube Cell Phone Bag

handlebars-cropI was able to attach this to my handlebars as pictured, giving me a handy dashboard for my bike and the only storage I can access while riding or during a quick stop. It displaysmy phone (usually running Ride With GPS), and the spaceinside is perfect for snacks like granola bars, dried coconut, and Shot Bloks.


Outdoor Products Essential Waist Pack

fannyI strap thislarge fanny pack around my seat with the pack in the back. The strap is flat around the front so I don’t feel it while riding. Inside, there’s plenty of space for things like tools, keys, spare tire, wallet,tissues, ChapStick, etc. It’s easy tounclip and take with me for security when I leave my bike (of course, I take my phone out of the handlebar cell phone holder and slip it inside heretoo).


Bike Peddler Take a Look Eyeglass Mirror

511SR6oUfgL._SL1500_There’s no good way to attach a mirror to a recumbent’s handlebars, yet a mirror is especially important because it’s harder to do a quick head-check behind yourself when you’re seated on a recumbent. This perfect little mirror is the answer. It securely attaches to your sunglasses, adjusts easily, and stays where you put it.


Bacchetta Giro 20

Last but most important of all, my beloved bent bike. I chose this model after trying a wide range of recumbent styles at the excellent Angle Lake Cyclery, a local shop with a focus on recumbents. I added disc brakes and fendersfor riding in the rain, and chose the Euromesh seat for comfort.




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2 Responses to “My Recumbent Bike Gear”

  1. Ben Gaumer Says:

    Kate… I just stumbled on your site and love it. I like the fact that you have a Bacchetta Giro 20…. it was my first too!! I now have a CA2 that I ride here in the US, I have a Rans tandem that my wife rides with me and I have a Bacchetta Corsa in Germany where I do a lot of riding. Keep pedaling!!

    Ps…. let me know if you are ever interested in rides in Germany! I do small group guided tours.

  2. kate Says:

    Thanks, Ben! This summer my husband and I took our bikes on the train to Montana and rode through Glacier National Park, which was gorgeous (and a good climb).

    Someday I’d like to do more international bike touring but the thought of traveling with my Giro is intimidating and I don’t see much about recumbents available to rent. What do your tour customers ride?

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