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By kate on February 17th, 2006

This weekend, we cross a big milestone: what we’re calling Term Day. That’s the day when I’ve completed my 37th week, and Zippy is considered “full term.” This is important because after that point, we can give birth in the birth center instead of the hospital. Before that point, I could probably give birth with minimal complications, but afterwards, nobody would worry if I went into labor. We’re celebrating by trying to get our bag packed for the birth center this weekend. I also want to load a bunch of songs and pictures on my laptop to play during labor.
Other than that, my mostly uneventful pregnancy continues. My biggest complaint at the moment is the swelling. First, it was my feet, which look unrecognizable to me at this point. I caved in and bought some Comfortable Shoes last weekend: slip-ons that are an entire size bigger than usual. Then, my hands began to swell, causing the great wedding-ring-swaperoo, which has now been repeated (because I needed yet a bigger ring). The swelling has also been causing the carpal tunnel problems I’ve been having, although those are mostly under control now that I’m sleeping in wrist braces, and wearing them off and on through the day. The most recent problem has been that some finger joints have swollen to the point of being a bit painful. It’s worse at night, but most of the time there’s a bit of soreness. Unfortunately, the unanimous opinion of my doctor and the midwives is that nothing can be done.
(I should point out that, even though I feel like a balloon, one of our midwives looked at my swelling and declared it “nothing” for someone at my stage of pregnancy.)
Our weekly midwife appointments are continuing. This week, we had an appointment with Michelle at our house so that she’ll be able to find it if needed during the birth, or at least for a home visit after the birth. We have another home visit with Tracy in two weeks or so. This week, Michelle’s observations were that I have an above-average amount of amniotic fluid (a good thing, I think) and that Zippy’s head is working its way down into my pelvis (also good). I just hope I’m not one of the ~15% of women whose water breaks before they are in active labor! I think mine’ll be pretty dramatic.
We have one childbirth class left, this Tuesday, during which we’ll learn our final lessons on labor and cover newborn care and breastfeeding. I’m still boasting the largest belly in class, even though there are a few couples due two weeks before us. I don’t feel so bad about it, though, because I’ve heard some of the other women tell stories of continued nausea and worrisomely small fetuses. At least I’m confident that Zippy is well-fed.

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