Conversation # 20,004 and its hidden meanings

By kate on February 7th, 2006

  Actual Conversation Subtext


So, when are you due?

They’ve noticed I’m pregnant and need to let me know they know. This is how they always start.


In March.

To conserve syllables, I omit the actual date. Nobody seems to mind, unless they have a March birthday, in which case it’s very important.


Wow, it’s not long now! Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl?

Everyone takes this cautious tactic, in case we haven’t found out the gender.


It’s a girl.



Wow, how great! [ingratiating smile]

They would say this whether I told them it was a boy or a girl.


Mmm hmmm.



Do you have a name picked out?



We’re working on it.

The actual answer is that, yes, we have a short list of names we like, and no, I’m not telling you what they are. I’m not interested in your personal opinions on the name, or hearing about people you know who share it.


You must be so excited! [insert semi-relevant story about someone they know who is or was pregnant]



Mmm hmmm.

I am so tired of having this conversation. Must keep smiling vacantly.

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3 Responses to “Conversation # 20,004 and its hidden meanings”

  1. daymented Says:

    I am just waiting for this to happen to me. So far only 17 weeks, so I’m at the phase where people are afraid to ask if I’m pregnant, in case I’m not!!

  2. it_lives_within Says:

    I certainly remember longing for the day when it was patently obvious to everyone/strangers that I was pregnant. Now, I think I’d prefer the awkward silence. 🙂

  3. yruugrrl Says:

    At least you are actually pregnant! I have gotten this question not once, but twice in the last two years.

    Once, I was wearing a pea coat buttoned at the top, and I will admit it gave me a rather pregnant look. I’ve made a note of that and will never do it again. The second time I was wearing nothing but normal clothes, and it made me very, VERY grumpy.

    But yes — I imagine the conversation gets tedious after, like, the third time.

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