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By kate on January 29th, 2006

I’ve started taking a weekly pre-natal yoga class at Whole Life Yoga in Greenwood. I usually prefer exercise that is more strenuous and goal-focused (such as soccer and aerial), but I thought that during pregnancy when I have less energy, yoga would be a better workout. It is a decent workout, so I’ll keep up with it for the next 6 weeks or so, but it’s still yoga and I still don’t really enjoy it very much. The best part about it is that it’s scheduled and paid-for, which ensures I’ll go. It’s also nice to be in a group of pregnant women, especially ones who are less flexible than me. 🙂
Aside from yoga and using the elliptical machine once or twice a week, I’m doing childbirth-preparation exercises daily, as recommended in our childbirth class. These include squatting, cat stretches, Kegel exercises, and perineal massage (with Steve’s help). I’ve been pretty good about doing this stuff most days so far.
Our childbirth class is going well. Each class has the same structure: introductory chat about how we’re doing, a lesson, a video, a break and snack, and labor practice. Last week we started on some breathing techniques. I was a little worried about being instructed to do deep breathing, because to me deep breathing feels like not having enough air (a result of my asthma). Surprisingly, though, the focus was more on the pace of breathing rather than the depth, and I never got that nervous feeling or hyperventilated.
We’ve begun to have midwife appointments every two weeks (instead of monthly). After one or two more, they’ll become weekly until birth. Two of those upcoming appointments will be home visits (one from each midwife), which will help them ensure they know how to find our house (just in case) and discuss any questions we have about our home environment.
My energy level is weakening somewhat. I’ve been having very busy and stressful workdays, and by the end of them I’m exhausted. We’ve hired someone else on our team who starts full-time on Monday, and that should help the pace. In any case, though, I’m starting to take it easier and take more time for resting.
All in all, though, I still feel like I’m having an easy pregnancy, relative to most women (or the ones I hear about, at least). My overall feeling is that things are okay, and I’m managing the small issues.

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