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By kate on October 18th, 2005

I need computer glasses!

Since the pregnancy started, I’ve noticed I’m very susceptible to eye strain. By the end of the day or week, my eyes are tired and focusing is very difficult. I finally went to an eye doctor today, who hadn’t seen very many cases of pregnancy-related eye strain. She did find a mild farsightedness and some astigmatism, though. Because my insurance covers it, I decided to give computer glasses a try. I’m hoping it’s temporary, and that it’ll go away after Zippy’s born.

As you may know, I wore glasses for my formative years and detest being seen in them. However, the intervening years after my laser surgery has softened my outlook a little, and I’m willing to give it a try. They stay at my desk, though! I’m not wearing them around the office (or further afield)!

UPDATE: About a year after the birth, my vision returned to normal and I found wearing the computer glasses was making my eyes tired, so I set them aside for good.

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