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By kate on October 18th, 2005

I don’t do memes very often, but this one from Molly sounded fun.

Do a Google search for “Kate needs” (insert your name instead) and give the top results. Like Molly, I chose some of my favorites instead of the top ones. Interestingly, several of the top results were for other Kates posting this same meme! (I ignored those and didn’t look at their lists.)

  • Kate needs to be able to reload a file automatically when not modified in Kate but modified externally.
  • Kate needs knits!
  • Kate needs to trust Angel.
  • Kate needs a shave.
  • Kate needs to hear about my victories over temptation and about my sexual feelings for her.
  • Kate needs to be exposed for *everything* evil she has done.
  • Kate needs to sell her locket to get money for the shell game and to buy the items she needs to rescue Lucky.
  • Kate needs crew & projectors.
  • Kate needs to explore her innermost nature, and she likes to analyse her every inclination and decision.
  • Kate needs better keyboard usability.
  • Kate needs to continue to develop her skills in drawing valid interpretations from experimental data.
  • Kate needs to go back to the fishing boat!
  • Kate needs to be about 20 minutes faster to beat my time.
  • Kate needs to meet the mayor of Israeli Arab town Umm al-Fahm.
  • Kate needs to learn a lesson about possessions and respect for her servants by being treated lower than a servant and being deprived of material comfort and respect.

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7 Responses to “Kate needs…”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Kate needs to get a life because there are so many more important and constructive things to do other than decide what ‘kate needs’!!

  2. girlkate Says:

    I think that digging up and flaming a stranger’s old LiveJournal posts also rates pretty far down on the “worthwhile way to spend time” scale.

  3. anonymous Says:

    hi there,
    i recently got emailed this game and did the same, n i’ve found some more!

    Kate needs a hand
    Kate needs a priest.
    Kate needs to be added to default find-in-files list.
    Kate needs to go through rehab.
    Kate needs to smarten up a bit
    Kate needs help.
    Kate needs to be able to reload a file.
    Kate needs to be Hooked Up
    Kate needs a fenced yard
    Kate needs more than a glad bag of coke for an evening
    Kate needs to kiss you more
    Kate needs to be brought to her knees
    Kate needs to be genuine
    Kate needs to be able to reload a file
    Kate needs to have her wings cut and thrown
    Kate needs a new storyline, and a life
    Kate needs to know where I am in my struggle and in my relationship with God
    Kate needs to hear about my victories over temptation and about my sexual feelings for her
    Kate needs to get outta here
    Kate needs to find him in order to do the deal
    Kate needs a minimum activity home

    from kate x

  4. katevs Says:

    So also being a Kate (& perhaps being slow to do this things in the first place) I of course found your list… quite near the top actually. Thought I’d take a peek… thanks for the entertainment 🙂

  5. aonyx Says:

    got this sent to me… apparently it makes its rounds…

    was sent to me via a girl in iowa… i’m in missouri..

    I typed in “kate needs” and got you!

    crazy world… getting smaller everyday…

    we should make a “kate” group… 😛

  6. anonymous Says:

    To all the Kate’s… Ben Folds Five has a song called “Kate”. I swear, it is about me. Yet another Kate. 🙂

    Sorry for the anonymous, but I don’t have an LJ, so I don’t have an ID.


  7. girlkate Says:

    I love that song (by Ben Folds Five)!

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