Dragging a bit

By kate on August 30th, 2005

I’m back from my trip, and my cold is mostly gone. I’m still dragging, though. I have this headache that comes back on most days. I’m trying to resist taking anything for it, for the baby’s sake, but sometimes I’ve had enough and take some Tylenol (which is OK for pregnancy).

I’ve also been taking a bit longer in the mornings to “get going” physically. I’ve been a bit achey and slow.

Finally, my aerobic fitness has suddenly been shot to hell. I find myself breathing heavily after walking up a flight of stairs sometimes. I’m hoping it’s temporary as my body adjusts to something.

I had aerial practice last night, which actually made me feel better physically and mentally. Being out of breath a lot has made me feel pretty lame, so it was good to realize that my strength is still intact. I was able to climb and do pull-ups and sit-ups and things. I’m sensing that my exercise will become more weight-training-centric for a little while, although I’ll keep trying the aerobic (carefully).

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