Bwa ha ha ha!

By kate on April 11th, 2005

It’s too silly to piss me off.

(Thanks to Celine for the link)

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3 Responses to “Bwa ha ha ha!”

  1. piper_cat Says:

    Your show last night was amazing! You ladies are the coolest.

    We saw you after your performance during the intermission wearing an awesomely cute jacket. Sorry we didn’t come over to chat with you … the crowd traffic was too heavy for us to get to where you were and I really needed to run to Fred Meyer for some food because I was getting kind of tipsy — having beer as the main course of dinner isn’t the best idea for me. We thought we would see you at the end of the show as a whole, but we needed to get home to bed before the entire festival ended.

    What time did the show finally end? Did you win the pool?!

  2. girlkate Says:

    I’m glad to hear you made it! When I didn’t see you, I thought maybe you didn’t come.

    The show didn’t end until about 1pm, I think! I hadn’t entered the pool, although I’m not surprise it went so long. All the performers wanted to get on stage one last time.

    What did you think of the rest of the show (other than our act)?

  3. piper_cat Says:

    Thought the whole thing was wonderful!

    The first act was awesome — we just laughed and laughed and he totally set the mood for the rest of the night. He has such amazing movement!

    I love Dr. Calamari and Acrophelia, as you know. I want to be their groupie. Actually, I told Chrissy and Joshua that that they were going to see THE GREATEST THING EVER and I was referring to their act. I just love it so much! Chrissy and Joshua each were impressed but maybe not as much as I am. Chrissy loved the tissue lady best; Joshua put the first act from New England in his top spot.

    What did you think of the rest of the show?

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