… In exactly the way that bricks don’t

By kate on April 8th, 2005

First, the movie I’ve been waiting for is finally coming out: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I’m a little nervous, though, as to whether it’ll be a good take or not.

Also, the burlesque show (Sat 11pm) and tonight’s 10pm show at the Moisture Festival are sold out. Other shows are also selling out, or are close. If you’re planning to come but haven’t bought tickets, you should immediately go to Brown Paper Tickets and get what’s left!

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One Response to “… In exactly the way that bricks don’t”

  1. zachdms Says:

    I’m a lot nervous! And the toys look terrrrrible!

    You should let me know how many tickets you need/want. I should be getting there pretty early (may be at the 8PM Sat show too), so should be able to find some more tickets, probably. 🙂

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