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A new lease on life

By kate on September 23rd, 2005

For the past couple of months, clothing has been a real struggle. Not many of my existing clothes fit, and deciding what to wear everyday became hard and time-consuming. I’ve been wearing a lot of skirts because the fit is simpler and they’re more comfortable. I like to wear skirts sometimes, but I’m just not […]

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By kate on September 8th, 2005

The pregnancy continues to progress. Here are some notable developments lately: I’ve become clumsy. I guess this is a magnification of the usual PMS/hormone-related reduction of spatial capabilities (aka hand/eye coordination). It’s annoying to keep dropping things, and to know this may not go away for months to come. So, don’t let me use any […]

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Free doughnuts tomorrow!

By kate on June 2nd, 2005

From Krispy Kreme!

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To my friends with cars… Join the BUY-cott

By kate on May 25th, 2005

“Looking for an easy way to protest Bush foreign policy week after week? And an easy way to help alleviate global poverty? Buy your gasoline at Citgo stations…” (Read more from Jeff Cohen)

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Free ice cream!

By kate on April 19th, 2005

It’s Free Scoop Day at Ben and Jerry’s! Here’s a list of locally participating shops.

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By kate on March 19th, 2004

My office is moving to Seattle next month, so today they had a big auction of stuff they don’t want to haul along. I scored some good stuff: Firebox Watchguard wireless hub: $20 3Com OfficeConnect 8-port hub (in box): $8 3Com OfficeConnect 8-port hub (not in box): $5 Fancy 24-port Intel switch for resale on […]

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Triathlon: The Cost

By kate on September 13th, 1999

What I Bought I didn’t really expect to buy anything for the triathlon, since I already owned a bike, a swim suit, and exercise clothes and shoes. But as I started training, I realized that some items would make my life easier. This is a list of all the triathlon-related expenditures I made.   Entry […]

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Why I Like Target

By kate on January 14th, 1998

I’m finally going to come out of the closet as someone who not only shops at, but loves Target. Now that you’re sitting down, let me explain why. For one thing, it’s got everything. Any possible thing you want for your household is there. Things I’ve bought at Target: Racquetball gloves, clothes, toys, snacks, seasonal […]

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