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Time Management

By kate on May 31st, 2007

Jumping into stay-at-home parenthood has given me the opportunity to set things up from a fresh perspective. I took the time to think about the kinds of things I want to do with my/our time, and figured out some main priorities that I want to make sure get done during the week.   There are […]

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Cool advice site

By kate on March 1st, 2007

The Elder Wisdom Circle: It’s a network of elders who you can anonymously ask for advice on most topics (except medical, legal, and financial). You can get a personal reply from one or two elders in about a day. It helps those seeking advice, and also helps the elders by giving them a way to […]

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A lot to celebrate

By kate on September 15th, 2005

Yesterday was my 31st birthday (making me “thirty-ONEderful” according to one of the Aerialistas). I had a nice dinner out with 20 friends, which was a lot of fun. I felt very loved. And, on top of that, I have Zippy on the way. A good birthday overall. I’m going away for a long weekend […]

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By kate on November 16th, 2004

Today is Steve’s 32nd birthday! Feel free to send him some happy email wishes.

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Quick Kate Update

By kate on September 12th, 2004

First, a general announcement: September is the busiest week of the year at my job. Last week, I worked over 50 hours in four days, and the next week or two will probably be at a similar volume. So, if I don’t respond to emails or hang out with you as much, nothing’s wrong! I’m […]

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100% Stickler

By kate on June 21st, 2004

Grammar Quiz. Not to brag… OK, to brag a little, I got 100%. In other news, Steve and I ran the Fremont Fun Run, a 5K race, on Friday evening. I came in at just under 26 minutes, which was a whole minute faster than I expected. I was very pleased (and very exhausted). I […]

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