100% Stickler

By kate on June 21st, 2004

Grammar Quiz. Not to brag… OK, to brag a little, I got 100%.

In other news, Steve and I ran the Fremont Fun Run, a 5K race, on Friday evening. I came in at just under 26 minutes, which was a whole minute faster than I expected. I was very pleased (and very exhausted).

I arranged a family picnic at Golden Gardens for Fathers Day yesterday, and it turned out well. The weather was gorgeous and hot, and we relaxed in the shade. We ate tasty bagels and treats, tossed around an aerobie, flew kites, and played cards. It was leisurely.

Just so I’m not posting an entirely braggy-braggy entry, I’ve been stressing out lately because I’m trying to finish a big mosaic for our garden in time for our Canada Day party. I was all set to spend the majority of this weekend on it when I found that all the tile stores in Seattle close at 3 or 4pm on Saturday and AREN’T OPEN on Sunday! Finding this out pretty much crushed my dream of finishing it on time. I’m going tonight after work to get the tiles and will work on it at night this week… but there’s not much of a chance I’ll be able to unveil it this weekend. Damn it all.

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4 Responses to “100% Stickler”

  1. biblioholic Says:

    Fun grammar quiz. Thanks!

    When you complete the garden mosaic, could you post a picture of it on your blog? I’d love to see it!

  2. girlkate Says:


  3. daymented Says:

    Do you need help with the mosaic?
    Also, I know someone who distributes/sells mosaic tiles. E-mail if you want to contact him (they are friends of mine in Tacoma)

  4. girlkate Says:

    Hi Stace! Thanks for the offer… but I’m really bent on doing this project all myself (I won’t even let Steve help!).

    I appreciate the link to Mosaic Tile Arts. Unfortunately, my mosaics are not made with glass tiles, but broken ceramic tiles. I was really hoping your friend’s store carries ceramic tiles because I’m having an impossible time finding a good green color. No local shops I’ve checked with have anything in the mid-range; it’s all either very dark or very light.

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