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By kate on January 8th, 2011

A friend, who has started drinking more tea, asked what kind of teapot to get. I spent a little time on my response, so I thought I’d share. I drink one to two pots of tea every day, so I have a good idea of what works (for me, at least). Here are the items I recommend, if you want to be a serious tea drinker:


You can get something fancy if you like, but you cant go wrong with the classic English brown Betty style (it comes in other colors too). Its a virtually drip-free spout design, and you can get various sizes. Mine is a 6C size, which fills 3 large mugs.

Brown Betty
Traditional Brown Betty
Green "brown" Betty
Modern version


Dont screw around with tea balls get a good, large filter so your tea has room to unfurl. Along with this, I recommend a small dish to put the filter on (to catch drips) if the filter doesnt come with a base. I have and like both of these filters:

Finium filter
Finium Filter
Chatsford filter
Chatsford Filter


You can drink tea out of any mug, although I recommend a large size so you’re not constantly refilling it. In the nice-to-have department: for Christmas my brother bought me two of these beautiful Bodum glasses, and I LOVE them. They’re insulated, hand-blown, and dishwasher-safe.

Bodum Pavina 15oz glass
Bodum Pavina 15 oz glass

Other Items

Youll definitely need a tea cozy. It may be challenging to find one that isn’t all kitschy or flowery, but they’re out there. In Seattle, they carry good ones at Teahouse Kuan Yin in Wallingford. I also recommend a wooden trivet for your teapot itll absorb drips and keep it warm longer.

Tea cozy
Tea Cozy
Wooden trivets
Wooden Trivets
Leaf dish
I have a small dish like this to put my filter on

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  1. FlockofTeaCosy Says:

    I noticed you say you might be in the market for a tea cozy that isn’t kitchy or flowery. So was I so I designed and handmade my own and now I’m selling a few. Have a look if you’ve a minute.

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