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By kate on November 3rd, 2008

Until now, I would have described my mental outlook on the election as “uneasy” verging on “cautiously optimistic”. Then I read this wrenching post on the Stranger Blog that dug up all the shock and mourning I went through in 2004, and my state descended more into “terror”. I don’t agree with every detail of the post (such as blaming racism for everything, when plain old fundamentalist social conservatism is also to blame), but the emotion is pitch-perfect.

I went through a lot of anguish four years ago. (If you want to dig through my archives and find the pure bile that resulted, you can; I’m not going to link it.) I bitterly clung to the Urban Archipelago idea. Thinking of that misery now still makes me emotional.

Please, America. Don’t crush me again tomorrow.

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