New use for old boots

By kate on August 25th, 2008

detail of torn boot rubberRuby has a pair of rain boots that were getting too small, so I bought her some new ones today. Ordinarily, I’d give away the old pair, but they had developed some tears because we had to pull so hard to put them on. I just hated to throw them in the trash, so I came up with a great idea to get a little more life out of them: turn them into garden clogs!

before and afterWith kitchen scissors, I cut off the tops of the boots, then the heels. I put a little contact cement around the new top edge to stick the boot’s fabric lining firmly onto the rubber.

As boots, they were almost too small to wear, but with empty space around the heel, Ruby can fit her foot in easily. Now she has clogs to keep on the back porch to quickly slip on when needed.

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