Short and well rehearsed

By kate on February 13th, 2008

I got a subscription to Wondertime magazine for my birthday this year, and have been surprised at how much I enjoy the articles. (It’s a Disney property and the ads are another story; I’ve started a collection of egregiously sexist ones for the shock and humor value.)

A recent article really struck a chord with me, and it introduces a parenting principle I’d like to adopt: short and well rehearsed.

My children were no longer allowed to interrupt us with “Watch this!” unless whatever we were going to see was short and well rehearsed. When applied to a dinner party, that meant rehearsed for, say, an hour, and performed for, say, three minutes. The results were amazing….  (read entire article)

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  1. zachd Says:

    … and it should also end with TA-DA!

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