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By kate on January 10th, 2006

Our house is going through lots of changes! We’ve begun the basement renovations (you can read Steve’s renovation blog here). This weekend, we were without heat because our gas was off, so we decided it would be a good time to spend our Sunday moving furniture around (to keep warm, don’t ya know). After I geeked out in Visio for a while, we came up with new layouts for our main floor that leave room for baby stuff. Our bedroom and living room are pretty much done, and we’re especially enjoying our new bedroom arrangement, which somehow seems roomier despite the additional bookcase.
Speaking of baby stuff, we’re finally starting to get some free loans and hand-me-downs, which is great. We got a bathtub, play mat, and bouncing seat from a woman I work with. We’ll be borrowing an infant car seat from my brother, and a “sidecar” (for sleeping) from an old colleague. I’m delighted to borrow everything we can, and pass it all on (or back) afterwards.
We have our next midwife appointment this Wednesday, after which we’ll start going at two-week intervals.
This weekend, we’re having a last child-free fling in Portland. The mini-vacation was supposed to be a surprise from Steve but I accidentally (sadly) found out about it. We’re taking the train down (which is exciting in itself) and planning to enjoy some shopping and fine food.
I had a fun shopping trip for maternity clothes with my Mom and Nicole last week. After watching my wardrobe dwindle to a handful of shirts and pants, I now have a more reasonable selection of clothes, including shirts that are not t-shirts. It makes a surprising difference. I even have a new fancy dress to wear out to dinner in Portland.
As far as the pregnancy itself, I don’t have much to report. Things are still going fine. Zippy continues to grow and move, and has developed a new habit of sticking body parts up under my ribs (not comfortable!). I can usually get her to stop it by stretching my torso to give her more room in the abdomen where she belongs. My belly is now definitely so big that it interferes with my ability to do some things, like carry laundry baskets across my front and wash dishes. At work, I’ve actually started doing more lifting and carrying than I used to, because we let someone go and I’m doing his job until we hire a new person. It’s OK so far.
Being pregnant in the winter is like having a super power. Throughout a weekend with no heat, while Steve was continually checking the thermostat as temperatures dropped to the low 50s, I was generally comfortable and never really cold. I’ve dispensed with my winter coats (even the ones that still fit) in favor of a sweater and thin rainproof shell. It gives me a little something to feel superior about.
We start our childbirth classes next week, and I’m now at the point where it feels like it’s time to learn about labor (before, it seemed far away). I’m looking forward to what we’ll learn as well as meeting other expectant parents.

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