Another growth spurt

By kate on December 29th, 2005

In the past two days, Zippy has gone on another growth spurt. My belly feels more stretched and large, and Zippy sticks out most of the time (as opposed to being more toward my back). I can also feel her moving most of the day. There is less kicking, but more shifting around, and it’s often visible. I’m at the point where complete strangers don’t hesitate to ask me when I’m due, which is kind of nice.
Even before this week, Zippy was active enough for other people to feel her moving, finally. I really enjoyed giving both families a chance to get kicked at Christmas.
I’m at a good point in my pregnancy and don’t have much to complain about. I’m still sleeping well (knock on wood) and don’t have too much trouble getting comfortable – my usual two pillows are sufficient. I’m neither nauseous or craving strange foods. My back pain has subsided somwehat (although I’m still taking care to rest and heat it). I’ve adjusted to being out of shape and unable to participate in activities I used to, so it’s not as hard and unfamiliar. The one problem is that the most recent belly expansion has left me with a very small selection of shirts that still fit. I’m hoping to go shopping in the next few weeks, and raiding Steve’s closet in the meantime. He’s kindly sacrificed a few of his favorite t-shirts to the cause.
Today and tomorrow, the Aerialistas have our biggest show of the year at Seattle Center’s Winterfest. I’m really sad to not be able to perform as I did last year, but I’m still a part of the show. I come out at the end to represent Spring (in a costume designed to emphasize my belly). The Aerialistas have been great and really supportive of my pregnancy, welcoming me to be involved as much as I can.
I’m looking forward to January, when my pace will return to normal after a frantic month of holidays and aerial practices.

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