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By steve on December 16th, 2005

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As Kate mentioned in her entry a few days ago, we’re pretty well-adjusted to the pregnancy at this point. Kate doesn’t look significantly more pregnant on a week to week basis. Kate’s reduced wardrobe, the heating pad in the bed, and her attachment to working in her big orange recliner are all just how life is now. Although an occasional growth spurt or other minor change will catch us by surprise, even that seems to be part of the routine.
The latest take-it-in-stride change is that Kate isn’t able to wash the dishes anymore because she can’t reach the sink. This has also made her concerned that eventually she won’t be able to drive because she won’t be able to reach the steering wheel — although now that I think of it, a bigger concern might be that she’ll have to move the seat back so far that she won’t be able to reach the pedals.
We’re slowly collecting baby paraphernalia — the latest addition was a booster seat and some onesies from the shower — but Kate and I are both putting off the big baby shopping trip. I think we’re hoping to acquire as little babygear as possible, and most of that on an as-needed basis. It’s not that we’re trying to deny that there’s (going to be) a baby in our lives. Rather, I think it’s the opposite: we don’t want to replace attentive parenting with a distracting gadget.

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