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By kate on November 4th, 2005

I haven’t written much lately because there’s not much new to report (except the brand-new kicking I just wrote about below). I’m making my way through an uneventful second trimester where there are no major difficulties, but many minor inconveniences.
I’m getting to the stage where pillows become more vital to getting a good night’s sleep. I’m using one to put between my legs that also sticks up and goes underneath my belly (to support it). Without that support, I was noticing kind of a strained feeling. I’m back to sleeping well again, with the adjustment, so I’m grateful for that.
With all the extra weight pulling forward on my body, my back has been getting understandably tired, and by the end of a work day, I’m usually sore. I finally found a novel solution to the problem. At my office, we have a video game room that includes a super-soft, fully-reclinable armchair. Now, I spend an hour every afternoon (usually 2-3pm) working from that room instead of my desk. With my laptop and a network connection, I can work on the same stuff. I put up a sign at my desk so people can find me, and everyone seems to be getting used to it. It is a great relief for my back (and for the after-lunch blahs).
I’ve also found a massage student who will be practicing on me for free. I participated (as a subject) in a pre-natal massage workshop at Brenneke last month, and Colleen was the person who worked on me there. I thought she did an excellent job, and was thrilled to hear she was looking to get extra practice. My first session with her is tomorrow morning.
I thought, now that it’s fall, that I’d be needing several larger sweaters. However, one of the perks of being pregnant in the cooler months is that I’m never cold! It’s a nice change.
We have our next midwife appointment next Wednesday, which will be nice. I enjoy checking in with them and getting a feel for how things seem to be going. Maybe we’ll finally resolve the question of Zippy’s true age.

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