Ultrasound #2

By steve on October 28th, 2005

[this entry by Steve]
Kate and I had our second ultrasound appointment a few days ago. Most people only do one appointment; we did two because Zippy was a week smaller than we expected at our previous ultrasound. We wanted to confirm the original measurements and make sure that Zippy wasn’t growing unusually slowly. Getting the dates right is important; our midwife cannot deliver a baby which is more than 2 weeks on either side of her expected date.
The second ultrasound was a much better experience for us. The technician was much friendlier and explained what she was looking at and measuring as she went through the process. We were able to see Zippy in all her grayscale skeletal glory. At the beginning of the session she was moving around a lot. She was waving her arms so much that it was hard to pin her down to get a measurement of her arm bones.
At the end of the session the technician left to consult with the doctor. Kate wanted to see Zippy moving around on the ultrasound some more so she grabbed some very expensive equipment and started imaging herself. She couldn’t adjust the zoom or anything, but we could see Zippy on the screen. It looked like Zippy had calmed down quite a bit.
When the doctor came in, she told us that the results of this session confirmed the results of the previous session. So, one of two things is possible:

  • We are a week off on our conception date. That’s possible if Kate ovulated a week later than we calculated. If this is the case, then Zippy is normal size. In fact, she’s large: in the 80-somethingth percentile.
  • We were correct with our conception date. This means that Zippy is small.

We’ll talk with our midwife at our next appointment on Nov. 9.
And now, more pictures!

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