Midwife Appointment

By kate on September 12th, 2005

We had our first real midwife appointment today, and at the same time met the other midwife in the practice. We liked her just as much as the first one, so we’re happy with our decision. If you’re interested, we’ve chosen Expecting the Best Midwifery. Also, we’re planning to have the baby at the Community Birth & Family Center in Montlake.

The appointment consisted mostly of getting our medical histories. Toward the end, she did a quick pelvic exam to make sure the uterus was about the right size and in the right place (it was). At the end of my 15th week, the uterus is about the size of a cantaloupe! We also got the chance to hear Zippy’s heartbeat again. This time, it was picked up right away, being louder and no longer hidden behind my pubic bone. Steve and Michelle (the midwife) counted a pulse of about 170 while I laid there listening and thinking how very much it sounded like a galloping horse.

I also had a routine blood draw (mostly to test for my iron level, as well as a few other things) and gave a urine sample. She referred us to a place that does ultrasounds, so we’ll be able to get one in about 3 weeks (the earliest that you can reliably find out the gender). We’re both very excited about Zippy becoming a “him” or a “her”.

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