Update from the Road

By kate on August 23rd, 2005

I’m currently on a week’s vacation in the midwest with (my best friend) Zach. The trip was his birthday gift to me last year; one last little trip before Steve and I have kids. We flew into Chicago, drove right away to Wisconsin, and ended up in The Dells, a wonderland of amusement parks, haunted houses, waterparks, and mini-golf. Unfortunately, due to my “condition”, many of my preferred activities (rollercoasters, fast waterslides, bungy/sling/extreme rides) are off-limits. We’ve been seeing what we can, and this afternoon Zach went off to get his rollercoaster fix while I took a nap.
Unfortunately, I’ve caught a cold, so I have a bit of a sore throat. I’m trying to take care of myself and get lots of rest. This afternoon’s two-hour nap probably helped, as does getting 8+ hours of sleep every night.
On the other hand, sugary treats are hard to avoid in the Dells, where every third storefront is a candy and fudge shop (no joke!). I’ve been compensating for the occasional goodie by trying to make my meals extra healthy and simple. I’m also making a real effort to get enough of each food group, and have even eaten spinach twice!
Even though my stomach has grown quite a bit already, and I’m feeling large, around here I’m noticing that many women are even larger than me. So, I don’t think I look pregnant to most.
Tomorrow, we head to Madison.

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