Non-partisan props

By kate on June 28th, 2004

Let me start by saying that, as a general rule, Dick Cheney freaks me out. I don’t like him, and I think he’s one of the main people with his hand in the Bush puppethead.

Nonetheless, I want to say “you go!” to Dick for his refreshing stand on profanity. Senator Patrick Leahy was giving him a hard time about his Halliburton connections, and eventually Dick had it and told him to go fuck himself. What’s refreshing about this is that when the incident began to get the stupid, undue media attention that it did, Cheney basically shrugged. Yes, he said, I did swear at him. He had it coming, and I felt better after I did it.

Isn’t that how we all feel after swearing at someone? It really bugs me when the pundits get all sanctimonious and judge public figures based on a standard that nobody else is held to. (The incident did not take place during a Senate session, I should point out. I might feel differently if it had occurred in that context, where rules of decorum are taken seriously. It was just two guys talking.)

This is the only time I can remember feeling anything positive about Cheney. And now, to counterbalance the warm fuzzy above, here’s a little picture I’ve been saving for the right moment:

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  1. biblioholic Says:

    Lol…that’s a great picture!

  2. petit_chou Says:

    Unrelated thing: Steve’s Garden Cam is perfect for spying on Canada Day festivities! I was giving Zach updates on who was there over the phone when I was home yesterday. It looks like you had a good group there. Hooray!

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