How’s my eye?

By kate on February 21st, 2004

If you weren’t there and don’t know about it already, I got hit in the face with a soccer ball last night at our game. It was a hard kick straight from an opponent’s foot into my right eye. I was helped off the field and spent the last 15 minutes of the game in a lot of pain and tears (to try to flush out the grit).
When I got home, I called a nurseline that my work gives us, and the nurse said I should go to the emergency room because I still had a big spot in my vision two hours after the incident. The “24-hour health line” from my insurance provider concurred.
So with my ass (hopefully) covered as far as not having to pay for it, Steve kindly drove me to the UW Medical center emergency room at 12:45am last night. We arrived so late because of a very important refueling stop at Dick’s first. (Mmmm, I think the Dick’s Deluxe is my favorite hamburger of all.)
Anyway, the ER was deserted when we arrived, but four or five other patients showed up right afterwards, making for a long wait. I got taken back to a room pretty quick, but we were there three hours in all.
After cooperating with the med student who checked me out first, I got to talk to a real doctor who found I had some corneal abrasions as well as a couple particles still stuck in my cornea. He numbed my eye and removed them with a big Q-tip.
He and the med student shined the stupid light in my eye for a long, long, time as they assessed the scratches (which were there but not majorly serious).
Eventually, I left with a prescription for antibiotic eye ointment and painkillers for a serious bruise I got on my ribs (unrelated incident in the same game).
We got home at about 4am and still hadn’t showered after the soccer game.
Anyway, here’s a picture of my eye today. The picture doesn’t look as bad (in my opinion) as my actual eye, but here you go:

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4 Responses to “How’s my eye?”

  1. petit_chou Says:

    A. You are a super stallion for handling this without passing out or eating someone’s face off. I’m impressed.
    B. OW!
    C. Man, with Crazy Ass Eye Injury and Crazy Ass Bruised Ribs I think you beat out my Stupid Foot. I guess I’ve got to play next week. 🙂
    D. I’m glad you’re okay and that your vision will not suffer any long-term damage. Phew.

  2. yruugrrl Says:

    The picture might not look as bad as your eye but it still looks terribly painful. My eyes freak out and blink involuntarily when I even THINK about corneal abrasions and the like. Yikes. I hope you feel better pronto.

  3. girlkate Says:

    Thanks! I’m also relieved there wasn’t any serious damage. I still do have a spot in my vision when it’s dark and my pupils are dilated, but otherwise it’s just the corneal scratches.

    You have to play next week because I won’t be able to be there! The team needs you!

  4. zachdms Says:


    You must get better. Because if I can make it through flaming eyes, you officially have to heal immediately and begin your championship NASCAR racing system at once.

    Really. It’s in the rules.

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