Let ’em know what America really thinks

By kate on December 19th, 2003

My friend Michael sent me this, and since none of the journals I read have posted it yet, here ya go:

Want to annoy the (antigay) American Family Association? They are conducting an online poll about gay marriage, and plan to show their results to Congress. When I took it, it said 93% oppose same-sex marriage and civil unions, and that 3% are in favor. Of course, it begs the question, who are they polling? Well, some friends and I decided we needed some OTHER input.
Go here: http://www.marriagepoll.com
C’mon, help us skew their results! It takes a few seconds of your time. Send it to your friends!

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7 Responses to “Let ’em know what America really thinks”

  1. hotchili Says:

    When I voted, they were 50% anti-gay to 42% pro-gay, with a difference of about 20,000 votes. Skewing is fun!

  2. hotchili Says:

    After refreshing the results for a while, I’ve determined that the pro-gay voters are currently outvoting the anti-gay by about a 5:1 margin. But the anti-gay have a pretty formidable headstart.

  3. girlkate Says:

    How do you just see the results? I went back there and it wanted my info again.

  4. petit_chou Says:

    My friend Zoe linked to this yesterday

  5. biblioholic Says:

    Do you mind if I post this on my blog, too? Or I can give people a link to your blog. Either way.

  6. girlkate Says:

    You’re welcome to post it!

  7. biblioholic Says:

    Thanks, Kate! I just did!

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