First Livejournal Post

By kate on July 4th, 2002

This incident caused her to become a religious maniac

(That is the caption on the June page of my Edward Gorey calendar.)

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8 Responses to “First Livejournal Post”

  1. petit_chou Says:

    HI, KATE!

    PS — You probably want to add zachdms instead of that guy in Michigan you have on your friends page. 🙂

  2. alibee Says:

    Hi Kate!

    Congrats on the happy nupitals. 🙂

  3. zachdms Says:

    I don’t think “nupitals” is a word. It makes me think of “nipples”.

    If you had a title reflecting providing artistic direction, would you like the title “Art Director” or something else?

  4. girlkate Says:

    Maybe “visionary”? Designer?


  5. zachdms Says:

    I must practice tough love: you must pick out your own title for an “art designer” position, and you do not get to know until you get to know. FIERCE!

  6. girlkate Says:

    Well, I guess “Visionary” if it were an organization that would allow such names. Otherwise, some kind of Designer would be appropriate.

    Did I apply for a job that I forgot about?

  7. girlzilla Says:

    Hi Kate

    I just thought I would share my opinion of having a shaved head with you. I have shaved my head several times, right now it’s still very short, about 1/2 a cm long. At first I loved it but after a while, I didn’t feel at all feminine or girly and missed having my long hair. I felt frumpy and a lot of people assumed I was a lesbian. Now I am growing it out and I just thought I would let you know that although it’s fun to shave your head, there’s always the chance you might regret it and if you do, the only thing you can do is wait a year or so for it to grow long again. Just have a think about it before you do it, I’d hate for you to wind up regretting it like I did!

    Good luck 🙂

  8. girlkate Says:


    Thanks for sharing your perspective. I am fairly certain I won’t like the way it looks, actually. It’s just one of those things I feel like I have to do once. So I’m steeling myself for just what you described – feeling frumpy.

    It took me months to actually commit to doing it, so I’ve had plenty of time to think and imagine. I’m ready now for whatever it ends up like.

    I guess we’ll just have to see how it goes…

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