Triathlon: The Cost

By kate on September 13th, 1999

What I Bought

I didn’t really expect to buy anything for the triathlon, since I already owned a bike, a swim suit, and exercise clothes and shoes. But as I started training, I realized that some items would make my life easier. This is a list of all the triathlon-related expenditures I made.

  Entry fee $50.00
  Bike computer $20.00
  Handlebar bag $55.00
  Swim goggles (2) $25.40
  Ear & nose plugs $ 3.00
  Pool admission fees $ 5.00
  Swim cap $ 1.69
  Road tires $ 48.00
  Tune belt $ 18.00
  Clear bike glasses $ 6.00
  Swimsuit $ 21.99
  Baseball cap $ 3.00
  Total $257.08

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    […] an average of 15 triathlons (not counting the actual race)! I spent $257.08 on gear and admission (click here for an itemized list). Click here to see a list of everything I took to the race.   The […]

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