Triathlon: Tapering

By kate on September 8th, 1999

Current totals: Other:
Running 40.7 mi / 65.51 K Hiking 8 mi / 12.87 K
Biking 156.5 mi / 251.86 K Canoeing 40 minutes
Swimming 7.4 mi / 11.84 K Soccer 10 games


A Week from the Triathlon

I feel fairly ready for the triathlon at this point. I ran and swam a total of 11.8 and 2.8 miles, respectively, on my trip, and by the end could do the entire distance (both sports) without stopping to rest. My swimming, in particular, improved a lot.
My brother told me about something athletes do called “tapering.” Apparently, several days before a big event, they start tapering their training down and usually do nothing one or two days before. I was planning to do this anyway, but it was nice to hear it is a legitimate strategy.
Upon returning from my trip, though, I caught a bad cold that has my throat sore and my whole head feeling foggy. I don’t feel up to working out. But this is one of my last few available days to exercise before I have to taper.
All in all, I feel like I’m ready for the race, so I’ll workout as much as I can the next day or two, then take it easy.

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