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New Job!

By kate on January 10th, 2005

I have accepted a position at a year-old startup company as IT Lead, which is not only a positive career move, but also entails a nice raise. 🙂 I gave my two weeks’ notice today, and will start the new job on Wed, January 26th. My new boss is an old colleague of mine who […]

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Keep your eyes open for me…

By kate on October 7th, 2004

Because of some recent changes at my company, I’m less content to stay there indefinitely than I was before. So, I’ve polished up the old resume and am sending out some feelers to people. Know of any good tech jobs out there? I’ve got a varied resume of different tech jobs. My ideal position would […]

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Quick Kate Update

By kate on September 12th, 2004

First, a general announcement: September is the busiest week of the year at my job. Last week, I worked over 50 hours in four days, and the next week or two will probably be at a similar volume. So, if I don’t respond to emails or hang out with you as much, nothing’s wrong! I’m […]

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Things just keep getting better…

By kate on May 6th, 2004

No, I haven’t been visited by the Fab Five, but I’ve spent the week with a perma-grin on my face. Working in Seattle has improved not only my work day, but my commute and also my gym visits. The branch of my gym in downtown is much nicer than the one I went to in […]

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It’s a beautiful morning…

By kate on May 3rd, 2004

I’m so happy right now. Today is my first day working in our new office in downtown Seattle. I just love being in the city, and my new window cube with a view into the International District. Now I’m going to take my time to organize my cube into a nice place to be. Hopefully […]

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What I’m Up To

By kate on April 22nd, 2004

I’m still enjoying my job, which has a core of tech support, but since I have a number of different skills, I’m always getting to do projects for various people in the company, so I have lots of variety. I’m also in charge of the company’s CRM system, so I get to sink my teeth […]

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Shitty week, part three

By kate on January 8th, 2004

Today my office was blindsided by surprise layoffs.   I have already weathered one round a few months ago, where they got rid of most of one department. Today the powers that be decided to give the ax to seven people sprinkled throughout the company. (Fortunately, I was not one of them.)   Some of […]

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What I Want to be When I Grow Up

By kate on September 29th, 1999

I assume most adults grow out of their childhood career fantasies. Except for the real astronauts, spies, and movie stars, I assume grown-ups’ work fantasies involve promotions and raises, or maybe working for themselves one day. Except me. I want to be a cat burglar. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not at all interested in […]

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