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Summer trip to Asia

By kate on June 1st, 2016

This summer, I’ll be traveling in Asia for three months with Grant and Ruby. We leave on Saturday! While we’re gone, we’ll be blogging at Traveling Ruby – go there to follow our adventures.

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A Visitor’s Guide to Seattle

By kate on September 4th, 2010

My brother Michael got married this month (the wedding was wonderful). I was a bridesmaid, and one of the things he requested of me was a guide to Seattle for the out-of-town visitors. I’ve lived in the Seattle area for about 26 years, so I have a good sense of what I think is most […]

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Mexico trip recap

By kate on September 2nd, 2007

Steve, Ruby, and I went to Mexico in mid-August. I’d been getting the travel itch pretty bad, and thought that a trip within the U.S. would not be enough. We have a good family friend in Mexico – a former Catholic priest who has known Steve’s family for years. My last trip to Mexico had […]

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Hello from Portland

By kate on January 15th, 2006

Steve and I are enjoying a fun weekend in Portland. We’re staying at the Hotel Vintage Plaza, in one of their “starlight rooms”. The room has a 45-degree window that gives a view of the sky (for most patrons) or the skyscraper across the street (in our case). The room is decorated with a classy, […]

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Update from the Road

By kate on August 23rd, 2005

I’m currently on a week’s vacation in the midwest with (my best friend) Zach. The trip was his birthday gift to me last year; one last little trip before Steve and I have kids. We flew into Chicago, drove right away to Wisconsin, and ended up in The Dells, a wonderland of amusement parks, haunted […]

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Quick Kate Update

By kate on September 12th, 2004

First, a general announcement: September is the busiest week of the year at my job. Last week, I worked over 50 hours in four days, and the next week or two will probably be at a similar volume. So, if I don’t respond to emails or hang out with you as much, nothing’s wrong! I’m […]

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Back in UB

By steve on August 27th, 2004

We’re back in Ulaan Baatar! We have officially survived our 18-day road trip — now let’s see if we can make it back to Seattle. 18 days of squatting over pots and pans finally caught up to Kate this morning and she threw out her back while washing the breakfast dishes. A pharmacy gave us […]

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By steve on August 22nd, 2004

We’re now in Bayonkongor, a provincial capital in the south-central part of the country. We’re got 5 days left on our big Mongolian road trip. Health-wise, we’re all feeling pretty good. Just a few sniffles going around, and that’s it. I’ve recovered from all my previous ailments. Two nights ago we spent a night staying […]

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Update to the update

By steve on August 18th, 2004

Steve here. When we told the guides our plan to skip Mt. Ot, they got very sulky. Neither had been there before and they were disappointed to have driven 1500km and not go the last 40. So Kate and I had a private pow-wow and decided that they should go. So today Kate, Tsogo, and […]

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Quick Mongolia update

By kate on August 18th, 2004

Very quickly… Steve’s stomach bug went away, possibly with the help of some cipro that we were kindly given by a fellow traveller. He is, however, suffering from some altitude sickness so he’s not up to par yet. I’m still doing OK (but for a minor cold) so I can take care of him. We’re […]

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Hello from Moron

By kate on August 15th, 2004

Yes, we’re currently in a town called Moron… but don’t laugh, it means “river” and is pronounced “Murun”. Unfortunately, Steve got a nasty bug and got sick in the middle of last night. He hardly got any sleep and threw up several times. Instead of a long day of driving, we drove 2.5 hours to […]

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Leaving UB

By steve on August 9th, 2004

Well, all the details are set and we’ll be heading out of the capital in a few hours.  We’ve hired a guide, Tsogo, who is 23 years old and teaches English at the University.  He’s a bit shy and has only been working as a guide for a few months, but we get along well.  […]

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Greetings from Ulaan Baator

By kate on August 8th, 2004

We made it to Mongolia! It’s been something we’ve been dreaming about for years, so it’s exciting just to be here. The 30+ hour train ride was actually very nice. We had our own cabin, with two bench-type seats that also served as beds. No AC, but with the breeze blowing in the window, it […]

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By steve on August 5th, 2004

Hello everyone! Today is our last day in Beijing before we take the train north to Mongolia. I’m feeling a little under the weather today — probably too much Peking Duck last night — but still trying to put in a full day of shopping. Need to bulk up on groceries for the 30 hour […]

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Greetings from Beijing

By kate on August 4th, 2004

Just a quick hello to let you know we arrived safely in Beijing yesterday evening. Our hotel is quite nice. Today, we spent the day walking around and saw Tianamen Square and the Forbidden City / Palace Museum. We discovered a cool park near the Forbidden City that had three pagodas on top of a […]

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