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Eye Surgery: Entry Four

By kate on April 9th, 1999

I returned to TLC the next morning and underwent all the preliminaries again: consent forms, examination, etc. This time, Dr. Holland was waiting for me in the laser room, and I climbed into the chair again, a reclining chair such as you’d find in a dentist’s office. Again, the speculum was applied to my eye, […]

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Eye Surgery: Entry Three

By kate on April 8th, 1999

The eye surgery did not go quite as expected. I arrived in Vancouver, to the TLC office, and went through all the preliminary steps. I signed consent forms, was thoroughly examined, locally anesthetized, and sedated. They finally ushered me into “the laser room,” a semi-dark, cool room separated from an observation area by a glass […]

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Eye Surgery: Entry Two

By kate on April 6th, 1999

In two days, I will be having laser vision correction. If you don’t wear glasses or contacts, you probably have no idea what this means to me, someone who has been encumbered with them since third grade. I’ve been asked by people with good vision, “how can you pay so much money?” To see the […]

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Eye Surgery: Entry One

By kate on June 15th, 1998

I have a habit. Twice a day, I go into a bathroom behind closed doors, wash my hands, roll up my sleeves and attend to my habit. I perform the same set of specific hand and arm motions every time. I put a transparent foreign substance into my body in a manner that the average […]

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