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Art is a Cat

By kate on September 8th, 2006

Modern art has always been my favorite kind. (I’m using the term “modern art” very loosely here, to refer to all art created roughly from 1950-present, not just by the modernists.) I’d much rather go to a gallery and see what new artists are creating today rather than go through stuffy old SAM and see […]

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By kate on August 16th, 2006

Today, we got this flyer on our door (click to read): Seattle City Light is using a herd of GOATS to clear brush from the substation near our house! I’m thrilled that such a practical and unusual idea is not only being entertained, but put into action. It’s environmentally much more friendly than using electric […]

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Hello from Moron

By kate on August 15th, 2004

Yes, we’re currently in a town called Moron… but don’t laugh, it means “river” and is pronounced “Murun”. Unfortunately, Steve got a nasty bug and got sick in the middle of last night. He hardly got any sleep and threw up several times. Instead of a long day of driving, we drove 2.5 hours to […]

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Letter to the Editor

By kate on July 24th, 1999

This was written by me and published in the Times on July 24, 1999. Editor, Seattle Times: I am writing in enthusiastic support of Seattle’s animal-control police officers. I’m glad to know there are people out there doing their best to enforce leash laws. The dog owners quoted in the July 18th article seem to […]

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Irresponsible Dog Owners

By kate on July 28th, 1997

I’m phobic of dogs. And that means that “He’s ok… he doesn’t bite” (I’ve heard that so many times) doesn’t change the fact that I want nowhere near your dog. I’m ok if the dog is on a leash, and I’m out of range. Not having a dog on a leash in King County is […]

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