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Where I Stand

By kate on March 15th, 2017

I’d like to announce a #resistance project I’ve been working on: I’m raising money for vital non-profits by selling beautiful and striking map art decals for your phone. I created six designs, each inspired by a different cause thats under attack right now. All proceeds from each design will go to a non-profit working for […]

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Freedom IS free

By kate on October 21st, 2008

This thoughtful guest editorial in today’s P-I gave me a new perspective. I hadn’t thought to challenge the right-wing mantra that “freedom isn’t free,” but this Iraq war veteran counters that “everybody is free… at the simple price of being born as a human.” Here’s a short excerpt. I recommend reading the whole thing. The […]

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This made me want to cry

By kate on September 13th, 2007

“According to a new survey… fully a quarter of Americans believe the First Amendment’goes too far’ in its provision of rights and freedoms. It gets worse from there…” Go read the linked blog post, then come back. I’ll wait. These survey results depressed me so much that I followed the link to the survey and […]

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COPS… in Maple Leaf

By kate on February 27th, 2006

“Get down on the ground!”   “Get down on the ground!”   “Get down on the ground!”   After a couple repetitions of this yelled exclamation outside our bedroom window last night, we both woke up. It was about 2am. After ascertaining that it wasn’t a dream, we looked outside the window to see a […]

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Cops… in Pioneer Square

By kate on September 1st, 2005

My office overlooks Pioneer Square. Today, I walked through the square on my way to get some lunch and walked past two policemen apparently arresting two homeless-looking men. As I passed, I heard Bad Cop screaming at one of the men. “This is a family park! It’s not a place for your narcotics use! You […]

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By kate on June 25th, 2004

This is an interesting website, about the idea of rankism. More basic than racism or homophobia, rankism is seeing yourself as above another person, and acting accordingly. On another topic, here are a couple of photos of me taken during the Fremont 5K that I think are pretty good.

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Let ’em know what America really thinks

By kate on December 19th, 2003

My friend Michael sent me this, and since none of the journals I read have posted it yet, here ya go: Want to annoy the (antigay) American Family Association? They are conducting an online poll about gay marriage, and plan to show their results to Congress. When I took it, it said 93% oppose same-sex […]

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American Soldiers Captive in Kosovo

By kate on April 2nd, 1999

CLINTON TO MILOSEVIC: FREE SOLDIERS By LAURA MYERS Associated Press Thursday April 1 5:35 PM ET WASHINGTON (AP) – President Clinton pledged today that the United States will do everything in its power to gain the return of three Army soldiers captured near the Yugoslav-Macedonia border, and he warned Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic that “the […]

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Teens on Trial: Kate as Observer

By kate on December 20th, 1997

These newspaper articles were not the first I heard of the story. It was told to me by a friend of the accused “teen-agers”, as the story of Jessica’s death. I don’t know anyone in the story personally, with the exception of one brief meeting. I’m not involved… except the story involves me, because I […]

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First Article

By someone else on December 19th, 1997

Man, 65, tells of terror at hands of four youths By Gloria Padilla _ Express-News Staff Writer _ December 17, 1997 A 65-year-old man who propositioned two girls but later changed his mind cried Tuesday as he described to the jury his terror when the teenagers returned to his home with two male friends and […]

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Third Article

By someone else on December 19th, 1997

Teen sentenced for role in violent robbery By Matt Flores _ Express-News Staff Writer _ December 19, 1997 A teen-ager was sentenced to 15 years behind bars Thursday for her role in a sex-for-cash deal that escalated into a botched robbery and attack on a 65-year-old man. The assault also ended in the death of […]

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Second Article

By someone else on December 18th, 1997

Borge Hansen Jury says teen is guilty of robbery By Matt Flores _ Express-News Staff Writer _ December 18, 1997 A jury convicted a teen-ager of aggravated robbery Wednesday after she was accused of baiting a 65-year-old man into having sex in exchange for money, then participating in a subsequent attack on him that left […]

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