Virtual meeting rooms

As a NACIS board member at large, one of my contributions was organizing virtual events for the 2020 and 2021 conferences. We used the Remo platform with great success, and I enjoyed designing virtual meeting rooms to use each year’s brand colors and design elements.

Room layout using teal and orange with a teal hillshade image as the background
Room for the 2020 NACIS Night In (thanks to Tom Patterson for the background hillshade image)
Room layout in shades of brown with a fantasy map background
A fantasy map pub for casual events (thanks to K. M. Alexander for the fantasy map)
Room layout with small posterboards containing tiny map images
The 2021 student map gallery, using images of the actual map entries (background image from Tom Patterson)
Room for the 2021 NACIS Night In (background image from Tom Patterson)

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